Monday, November 12, 2007

A Shame In Nashville

I can't help but feel for the fans in Music City. Even if there aren't enough of them to fill an arena. The franchise, which was born in 1998, deserves so much better one decade later.

What started off with a lucrative deal with the city shelling out over 25 million put forth to pay for it's entry fee into the league, while taking a hit on the operating costs for the arena, it's rather ironic that this team's failings have occurred in the business sector rather than a lack of fan base in these uncharted waters. That said, the Nashville faithful have been a far cry from the Pittsburgh natives that felt their pain not so long ago.

It's a shame to see a franchise barely stay afloat amidst talks of a deal that just doesn't seem to get done. In a city that knows how to entertain like no one else. And with a team that patiently built itself of draft picks and the astute signings and trades from Poile, not to mention the tutelage of head coach Barry Trotz.

Currently hovering around a .500 season with a new Captain named despite never holding that title in all of junior, a backup thrown to the wolves, and possibly the two greatest remaining scraps on the IR, which may or may not be having more affect on the team than the many high caliber players it chose to auction off in the summer. How does the Nashville fan get through the day? Knowing full well that it is not he or she that is the root of the problem, no matter how many of us in the north would pass it off as being that.

In a perfect world, the Nashville Predators would have won the Stanley Cup a year ago. For those in California could have survived on the glitz and glam that continues to bring big named talent to their western shores. But instead we watched, as Paul Kariya who came to this team when no one else of his caliber would, turned and went again, off on his way.

You might still have a team today Nashville. Perhaps even for 3 more guaranteed years if they ever get that straightened away. But what good is a team if it cannot compete?

I say stand up to the commercial side of your hometown. And don't be pressured to pick up those tickets to prolong the lease on your Arena. Instead, stand in your storefronts and demand that you have your team of promise given back to you. Let it be known that the only hardware stores you will be willing to do business with, are the ones buying boxes at the Sommet Center. The only cars that you will buy will be ones that are the official sponsors of your Preds. The only insurance companies will be those assuring you that your team will not only survive be be restored.

Do you love your hockey? Are you satisfied with just a win for every loss? Will you just sit back and allow them to rip your team to shreds?

Go ahead. Click the following link and tell me that your just some dumb Southerner that just doesn't give a rats ass about the game of hockey...

I dare you!

~ LeaferSutherland