Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Black And White

Is there anything more black and white then the Pittsburg Penguins this hockey season? Other then a penguin of course. I for one had very high hopes for the Pens coming into the 07-08 season. As we all know they have an incredible amount of young talent, I thought they did a good job adding some veteran wisdom, and their goalie(Fleury) was coming of a career season in 06-07 in which he won 40 games. How could they lose?

From September through November lose they did. Not only on the ice but off the ice as well. Fleury, just as he seemed to be putting a tuff start behind him, went down to injury. Part of the wisdom I mentioned in Mark Recchi didn't live up to expectations and was put on the wavier wire and picked up by the Thrashers. Jordan Staal hit the sophomore slump head first. The proverbial cloud was hanging over the Penguins as they headed into December.

They started that month with a 4-2 lose to the Leafs of all teams. But managed to win 4 in a row on a rare Western road trip. They hit the skids through the middle of December once again and then it happened. The force that has completely cleared the skies above the Penguins team.

Ty Freaking Conklin.

That's not a type o, trust me I'm an Oiler fan. I'm as shocked as you are. None the less, Ty Conklin as it stands right now is 10-0-1. He has 2 shootouts. His GAA is 1.72 and he has a SV% of .949. Now, hockey is a team game, and I give full credit to the other 22 players in being a part of the turn around that this team has gone trough, but Ty Conklin has provided the confidence for the them to go out and win.

So for now the Pens are back above the playoff line and are playing like they could turn heads come playoff time. The questions is can a Conklin continue to play at this level and even if he does what do they do when Fleury gets healthy?

Then again, this is just a damned opinion.

~ damned

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