Friday, August 24, 2007

A Good Cause For DuckLoz

On a more serious note today as Commissioner of The NHL Arena, I would like to announce a good cause that we are partaking in to benefit one of our members.

DuckLoz (or Loren) happens to be a model member of our board. She is well liked in our community and consistently provides the type of respect for all fans, that we pride ourselves upon.

She also happens to be an 18 year old Anaheim Ducks fan from Sheffield England. And unfortunately it seems that she might miss a rare opportunity to catch her favorite team play their arch rivals; the Los Angeles Kings in a two game series starting on September 29th on British soil and at a decent time of night. And that is where we would like to step in.

We at The NHL Arena are starting a drive, asking for donations to allow Loren to catch her first ever live NHL game. And with the help of the greater online hockey community, we think we can make this dream come true.

True enough, this is not an attempt to cure cancer, or save baby seals, or a chance to give poor DuckLoz a transplanted kidney. Nonetheless, we do feel that this is a worthy cause and would like everyone the chance to be a part of this feel-good story. And if you wanted to take a second to find out a little more about our English friend, we think you'd agree.

Our plan is to scour the web looking for generous hockey fans who might have the luxury of catching a game more so than someone on the other side of the Atlantic would, and simply ask them for whatever they can contribute. All donations will be transferred into our paypal account in hopes of of acquiring a pair of tickets for one of the aforementioned games. Should we fall short of our goal, all donations will be refunded to the people that have made them, in good faith.

If you are interested 'A Good Cause For DuckLoz', please email us at . And if a donation is out of the question, you can still be a part of this by helping us spread the word around the world wide web.

Together, we can once again show the world why other pro-sports fans cannot hold a candle to those that love the NHL.