Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Game On!!!

As of this past weekend, the 2007-2008 hockey season began and gets into full swing today with games being played all around the NHL.

Expectations for the coming season and bitterness of what happened last year for some teams add fuel to a fire burning deep in the belly of hockey players, coaches and fans. The Senators want to take the last step in their long continuing journey to win the Stanley Cup, falling in the finals to a Ducks team that was not to be denied. Teams like the Red wings, Canucks, Sharks, and Devils want to make a return to the playoffs, again. Others, including the Penguins and Thrashers, want to erase the bitterness that was a very short run last year.

But last year is last year. A new year brings excitement and hope for a better result no matter how your team played or what transpired over the off season. The Flyers, Avalanche, Kings, and Bruins all made strides to improve their team and position in the standings. Stanley Cup finalists? Maybe. Who knows? That’s what is so special about the start of the season. All teams are equal as far as record goes, and all fans are equally excited.

The majority of the experts are picking the Red Wings, Sharks or Penguins to win it all this year. But it doesn’t matter what the “experts” think. It matters what the fans think. And we all think OUR team is the best.

So sit back tonight, get the friends and snacks together, and watch your Stanley Cup contending team play their first games of this new season.


~ ogre1kanobe
The NHL Arena