Saturday, October 6, 2007

So much hockey....only so many DVR's

What happens when there are so many games on that you can't possibly watch them all? This is indeed an interesting dilemma....sorta like getting too much of a good thing. There are 14 games on with the free Center Ice preview, there is absolutely no reason to catch some of the coolest game on Earth. Now what to do you do if you're the unfortunate schmuck that has to work on a Saturday....well you get the DVR and Tivo working some serious OT. My plan....since I can tape off two tv's is to tape 2 early games (including the Devs of course). Then I will look at the best two late games and tape those. By the time I get home....I will be able to sit there with cider and pizza in hand and watch the Reader's Digest version of four games and not feel like I missed a thing.

Now for those who don't have such backup plans in place but can just sit home. Enjoy all the games and relax! Center Ice this year offers on one channel the ability to surf four games at once. Its like a kid in a candy store. I had to admit it was a very nice touch to see...and am looking forward to it as the season goes on. They also still have the scoreboard on the package with recaps so no worries sport fans...that did not disappear. So with that in mind....these are the four games I am taping and a little blurb why.

Montreal @ Toronto (Just for the HNIC Pre-Show really)

Devils @ Panthers (This is self explanatory)

Canucks @ Flames (Luongo vs. Kiprusoff...a must see)

Blues @ Kings (I want to see what the Blues look like)

Obviously I'll watch the Devils game first....gotta see how the hometown boys are doing...then the Leafs game....maybe I'll get to hear Saku Koivu's name once. Listening to the RDS guys say his name actually makes a Finnish name sound French....weird but true. Then it will be onward to the Blues-Kings game for a quick thirty minute rewind and finally the Canucks-Flames tilt. I am sure I can hear Erin, Andrew, and Sharon going at it already and to think it is only Week 2 of the
hockey season and already they are in top form. Needless to say I will be up very late but for NHL Hockey, it is always worth it. Thank you Center Ice for making that

Finally, I wanted to thank everyone that is making Hockey Around The Horn a reality. On October 15th, it will be on The NHL Arena for all to see. The questions will be going out sometime next week. The judges will need to be ready....these folks know their hockey. Have a good night everyone...loosen the belt buckle a bit
and enjoy the show!!

~ Stevens8204
The NHL Arena