Monday, October 8, 2007

Want Your Voice Heard?

You may have noticed over the last couple of weeks that I have a few new faces here at The War Room. A handpicked crew of some of my hard hitting members back at The NHL Arena to keep things interesting and a reason for you all to not be forced to listen to my 2 cents each and every day.

With ogre1kanobe, srotaneS, Atma, damned and Stevens8204, we basically have you covered on all the recent events and on going controversial opinions based around the NHL.

However, there are spots still open in which I am offering to all of you readers. Simply submit an article to me, and have a chance to voice your opinion to our thousands of readers.

Keep things hard hitting and creative. Think outside the box on current events and you just might see your name in NHL Arena lights.

Rattle the boards, people!



In other news...

Tonight marks the end of our Roll Call Cup Semi finals and when the clock strikes 12 PM EST, only two teams will move on to fight for the greatest NHL team according to

In the West, the Ducks will be hard-pressed to catch up to the dominant Sharks in a battle of California, but nothing is impossible. So get your votes in.

And in the East we have a real nail-biter going on. Will the resurging Flyers be able to squeak past the mighty Sabres and restore the pride of the fans? Only time will tell and only you can make the difference.

For the West,