Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Fans Don't Have To Hate Them

The new jerseys are always worth a decent discussion regardless of where you go. Getting past the new 'edge' concept, you come to notice that yes, teams are looking to increase revenue, and yes, teams are trying to make the game 'look' faster. When it boils down to the nitty gritty, the jerseys really aren't that bad.

My initial reaction was heavily biased considering I prefer the same old game, and this is just another perfect chance to harp on the NHL for going in a direction that was not considering tradition. This year marks a serious change in the way we may perceive the game, and it may honestly make the games rule changes more apparent. This year, it will be quite obvious if you are able to grab onto another players jersey and pull him. No more flimsy jerseys that can make a call both ways. If you can get a hold of these jerseys, you are doing something you shouldn't be doing.

Then there were the seven templates available to teams. Don't get me wrong, they kept their colours, but did they keep their dignity?! Ottawa, Tampa Bay, and Pittsburgh all have the same template, with a different colour scheme. While this is not obvious, when you look at the two jerseys side by side, it is terribly apparent. So much for making these teams stand out!

There have also been complaints about the heat being caused by the jerseys. The most common trend here is how many veterans say their gloves and undergarments are soaked by the end of the game. I have a solution for you. Stop complaining! Drinking water and sweating are two natural things, and as long as you are doing both, you are perfectly fine.

Let's assume these guys are still getting their paychecks at the end of the year. Can anyone honestly tell me the last time they had a job that allowed them to complain about something as miniscule as sweat because of a jersey? The only acceptable argument I have heard is the durability of the jerseys, and whether that may cause harm.

Everything else is just another millionaire swimming upstream, trying to latch onto some media. Don't hate the jerseys. If someone can love the new Reebok 'O' stick, which is about as non-traditional as it gets, anyone should be able to love these jerseys. Remember folks, you aren't cheering for fashion, you are cheering for the team.

~ srotaneS
The NHL Arena


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