Thursday, September 20, 2007

Leave It The !@#$ Alone!

I think I'm the only person that I've seen right now that could defend this point of view. It ought to cause a mild drizzle, but not an uproar.

Leave it the !@#$ alone! starts a new article by saying “Sid the Kid will play every team in the NHL next season.”

I immediately know what I'm going to read, without reading the remainder of the article.

The NHL plans on ridding themselves of what they consider an unbalanced schedule at the end of the year. A schedule mostly structured in the vein of the NFL, where conference and more importantly, division rivalry were to be emphasized in an attempt to develop some tension between fans of opposing teams. A schedule, which if given a better chance, might have had great success at doing just that. It would've been a schedule which drove up revenue all around the board for more than just the one game that Sidney Crosby shows up at.

But no, the NHL doesn't know well enough to leave it alone.

While NHL owners blow smoke up each others behinds and put Sidney on the pedestal of the money deity, I predict that in 5 years when we've had enough of Sid the Kid, everybody, owners and fans alike, will be whining for another schedule change. The excuse again will be there is no real rivalries in place, even though we only lose maybe 8 games a season, tops, within divisions.

I can pretend to hate a team for a year just to watch the next game, which by then I would've grown enough apathy to not give a damn about. At least the current system would've given me the opportunity to see the said rivalry between 2 to 3 more times, instead of the proposed 6 inter divisions and home-and-home series games we're probably going to get stuck with.

The only winners here are the Canadian teams whom already have enough hockey love to support such a change. You might sell out a building when Sid comes around in the US, but you're not going to really build any momentum with passion when you face 25 other teams twice a year.

Good luck Board of Governors. I'll be looking forward to your next proposed schedule change in a few years.

~ Atma

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