Friday, September 28, 2007

They Always Catch The Retaliation

This hot topic in the NHL this week wasn't about the fact the season starts this weekend. It was about an ugly hit by Steve Downie on Dean McAmmond. The topic has been debated into the ground since McAmmond's head bounced off the ice on Tuesday night. Was the hit late? Did Downie leave his feet? Did he hit him with the shoulder or was it an elbow? Being a hockey fan, I can't go without putting in my two cents either. The hit was a bit late, but not by very much. I don't think Downie left his feet as much as he leaned into the hit. I don't think it was an elbow. I also think that Downie didn't have to make a hit like that in pre-season hockey, which speaks volumes of his character that has always been in question as it is.

The kicker to this saga is that the entire ordeal could have been avoided.

This hit was 100% retaliation on Downie's part. Just 30 seconds before he hit McAmmond, Downie was hit, from behind and face first, into the boards by Chris Schubert. There should have been a call immediately at that point in this hockey game. A hit from behind is just as big of an issue as a hit to the head in today's NHL. Yet the refs turned a blind eye and Downie went head hunting. Downie got the match penalty, which is the right call, but Schubert got off scotch free. They always get the retaliation.

Then again this is just a damned opinion.

~ damned
The NHL Arena

This damned opinion has been brought to you by, Premiere; London 07.

We invite you all to kick off the NHL festivities tomorrow afternoon as the Kings face the Ducks overseas at the 02 Arena.

Our first official Game day thread of the season was created by none other than DuckLoz herself. The British girl we banded together to raise tickets for, so that she could see her favorite Ducks in her first ever once in a lifetime live NHL game.