Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's All About The PRE

Preseason has only a few more days left and then the games that count towards the standings will begin in earnest. So, what have we learned about the teams in the NHL for the 2007-2008 season?

Well, in the Central division, the off-season disaster city of Nashville, once sold and moving, then just selling players, will win that division, with Detroit sliding in second place. Phoenix rises in the Pacific after being burned the last few years by the Great One, earning a playoff spot behind the Sharks of San Jose. Boston and Toronto will finish ahead of the Buffalo Sabres after a free signing period that just left the horned beast desperate for any players who even knew what a flat sheet of ice is. And the New York Islanders will win the Atlantic ahead of the Devils, Rangers, and the Penguins, who with their impotent offense will score the least amount of goals in the league.

And remember, you heard it here first.

Yeah, right.

This is PRE-season. Put the emphasis on the PRE. Some people put so much stock in a preseason result that they sell off their season tickets and dump the players on their fantasy team based on what happens for few games in early September. If any of these coaches sent their players on the ice for the sole purpose of a victory, they would be fired before people in NFL cities realize hockey season started.

It's all about the PRE. Getting PREpared, having PREsence, and PREventing injuries. Newbies are tested, veterans are rested, and good teams get bested. (Bested?) Relax if your team is in last place and you know they are better than that, and don't get too cocky if your team is in first place and deep in you hockey brain, not you hockey heart, you know they won't be there in April.

Enjoy the games with an open mind or may be eating crow with an open mouth.
~ Ogre1Kanobe
The NHL Arena